Autumn is here! Find out what we’ve been doing to celebrate…

Our favourite season, Autumn, is here!

To celebrate we went out to the only privately owned forest in Britain (I don't think we were trespassing), and sang the most autumnal song we could think of. After no deliberation whatsoever we decided on the jazz standard 'Autumn Leaves', which has been recorded by just about everybody. Most popular versions are probably by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Eric Clapton had a go, and Eva Cassidy really popularised it with a modern generation. We decided to do our arrangement using the Real Book (something we've been getting heavily into lately), and re-harmonised the whole song using chord substitutions and extensions.

IMG-2227 copy

We had a rather excellent, autumnal day; learn a lot about arranging jazz standards, swung on a swing, soaked up some sun, and got a great video of it too! Here's the result, hope you like it!

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