Royal Soul is a talented pop and soul band, performing primarily as a duo, comprising jazz-influenced electric guitar, soulful piano, and crisp male/female vocal harmonies. Royal Soul incorporates ideas from a variety of genres, and takes on the challenge of arranging all sorts of popular songs from different eras into a uniquely clean, laid-back, yet funky style.
Rebecca Bates Piano Keyboard Vocals

Rebecca Louise

Piano & Vocals
Rebecca is a professional singer, songwriter, Grade 8 pianist, and educator of all of the above. Rebecca has performed all over the UK in musical ensembles including:
  • Vocalist & pianist in Royal Soul.
  • Songwriter, vocalist, and pianist in an all-female close-harmony vocal group.
  • Pianist & vocalist in an original folk/orchestral band.
  • Performing solo as a singer-songwriter.
  • Resident pianist reciting jazz, classical and original compositions.
Harry Sayers Guitar Vocals

Harry Sayers

Guitar & Vocals
Harry is a Grade 8-standard guitarist and bass player, as well as an accomplished singer, pianist, and graduate of Music Technology. Harry has been a full-time musician since graduating university, gaining a huge array of live performance experience across various genres including:
  • Guitarist & vocalist for Royal Soul.
  • Bassist & vocalist in funk and soul band, Brother From Another.
  • Fronting a full-on blues-rock duo as lead singer and guitarist.
  • Playing bass in a live hip-hop/funk/soul band.
Royal Soul is a duo with a difference; moving completely away from the concept of an acoustic guitar and a singer, Royal Soul offers something fresh, funky, soulful, and effortlessly cool.

This music-loving, soulful duo is on a mission to re-invent the 'acoustic duo' genre, and refuses to be bland, boring or 'standard' (although 'jazz standards' are in high demand). With an extensive video library of covers from all sorts of genres, it's easy to see and hear what Royal Soul can do.

  • Regularly performing as live music for corporate events for major clients in London, Bristol and across The South West.
  • Offering tailored wedding entertainment during the ceremony, afternoon reception, and evening reception at weddings.
  • Available as a jazz duo for parties, soirées, dinner, or anything with enough class!