Where does the time go?

What happens if we don’t post on our blog for a whole year?
Well, probably nothing… but it’s just because we’ve been so busy actually doing stuff that we haven’t had time to talk about it!
We’ve been playing music (obviously), travelling great distances for weddings (and even attending a few as non-musical guests this year). We’ve been practising our handstands, gaining prowess with yoga, launching a nutrition-focused vegan cooking channel/blog/maybe-one-day-writing-a-cookbook sort of thing. We’ve both been teaching our primary instruments to a whole load of eager young people (and some older people too), and studying music in interesting, new ways too. Harry’s scraping away, making snail-paced progress with the trumpet (this is somehow the 10th year of that painstaking journey), and Becky’s been performing live in a professional function band just two months after purchasing a saxophone!

Here’s some highlights of what we’ve been recording…

Running Away – Vulfpeck
This was such a fun project with Harry on drums, and our good friend Adam on guitar!

This Will Be An Everlasting Love – Natalie Cole
Recorded in Autumnal ‘Lawns Woods’ tucked away in the centre of Swindon. This video is just in the process of gaining a load of traction for some reason… maybe it’ll be the first acoustic jazz video to go viral !?

Like A Prayer – Madonna
Absolutely nothing like the original. This is a reharmonisation, where nothing is the same as the original apart from (most) of the words and melody – the music is all totally fresh and original. We’ve never heard anyone do a cover like this one…

No Regrets – Mike Love
Well… we just love Mike Love and his beautifully worded songs, they’re musical, lyrical perfection that summarise all the problems with modern society, and offer solutions, hope and guidance all in one fell swoop. This one is about living a life without regret, seizing opportunities and learning from your mistakes. We’ve doing a hell of a lot of that this year.

Tune in again for next year’s summary… maybe we’ll even manage two posts in 2020. Woah!

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